Bathroom makeovers

Are you tired of your old bathroom? Same old boring color, faulty shower, leaky taps and a long list of things you are not satisfied with.  You probably get this awkward feeling of embarrassment every time a guest requests to use your bathroom. Are you planning to move into a new apartment and would want to give the bathroom a personal touch?  Does any of this sound familiar? MCS Plumbing and Heating provides bathroom makeovers that are specially customized to our customers’ specific preferences. If any of these issues resonates with you, you can get in touch with us for Bathroom makeover services.

Before After

What we offer

Our bathroom makeover services are quite affordable. We work within your budget and can suggest simple bathroom improvement plans that can transform your space without exceeding your budget.

Functional Bathroom Design

Getting a bathroom makeover requires good planning and the use of quality fixtures. Apart from aesthetics, it is important to consider functionality while redesigning a bathroom. A variety of colors and materials can be combined to give your bathroom a modern and elegant look. We understand that our customers taste differs and so does their specific use cases. This is the reason why we come up with creative ideas to fulfill your bathroom custom design needs. The fittings and products are carefully selected to meet your unique needs. Well-designed bathrooms have the following benefits:


  • Increased accessibility
  • Greater comfort
  • Easy cleaning

We offer bathroom design services for physically challenged people too. Special toilet accessories can be installed in bathrooms for convenient use by the physically challenged users. At MCS plumbing and heating, providing you with a perfectly functioning elegant bathroom is our aim. We make sure your bathroom gets that new trendy look you have always wanted. Reach out to us for your unique bathroom makeover ideas.

Bathroom Makeovers Process

Our Bathroom Makeover service follows a simple and straightforward process that begins when you make contact with us. Here’s how getting your bathroom remodeled by us looks like:

Contact us

You can reach out to us by phone or email to tell us about your bathroom makeover intentions. You can go ahead to give us details on the existing state of your bathroom and the type of refurbishing you would like. We will thereafter schedule a visit that would be most convenient for you. Alternatively, you can come in to our location in Kilkenny for a physical consultation.

We give you a visit

For proper examination and assessment of the project, we visit you in the location you want your new bathroom installed. Further discussions about new bathroom design choices and project budgets are made. It is at this stage that you get to find out if the initial design you had in mind would be the best for your bathroom. Or you may want to choose from our other personalized makeover options based on the recommendations of our design experts.

Work schedule

When you have selected your new bathroom design and the various makeover upgrades to be installed, a quote of our service will be sent to you. Our design plans are flexible and can be altered if you are having last-minute reservations or would like it to be altered to fit into your budget. Once the details of your project have been concluded, we immediately start making arrangements work to commence.

Ordering of sanitary ware

Based on your design choices, we order suitable bathroom wares, tiles, and other plumbing fittings. Our team starts work immediately after the new bathroom fittings have been delivered. We start by removing your old bathroom installations followed by constructions and carpentry work. Next are the electrical wiring and tiling. And finally, the fixing of the new suite. In case of updates or inquiries during the project, you can easily contact us.

Work completed

And there you have it. A beautifully furnished modern bathroom designed uniquely to meet your needs. We will call a few days after the completion of your bathroom makeover to get feedback from you.


Fill in your details and we’ll get back to you in no time.