Gas Boiler sERVICE & rEPAIR

A gas boiler operates more or less like a giant heater. This gas-fueled unit heats water within a tank. The hot water (or steam) is then circulated throughout your building through a network of pipes, baseboards, and radiators which helps to distribute heat throughout your home. It is therefore important to keep all of these components in good condition because a fault in any of these systems will make your gas boiler inefficient and may result in a complete crash if not attended to promptly.

Gas Boiler Replacement

Is your existing boiler system damaged? We can send a member of our team to your location to diagnose and fix the fault in the boiler system. However, if the problem is discovered to be too much to fix or the unit is simply too old. Then you should have it replaced entirely. We offer both new gas boiler installation and replacement of oil unit. If you have a system in place already, your new boiler will simply be connected to your existing plumber to deliver efficient whole-house heating. Contact us for recommendations on boiler replacement options.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Gas Boiler Installation

If your existing boiler develops fault often, our experts may advise you to install a new one. Of course, if you choose to go through this route, you’ll want to have an idea of how much a new installation will cost you. These are some of the factors that determine the cost of a new gas boiler:

  1. The type of boiler you are buying: there are various types of boilers available and they vary in price. This is the principal factor that determines how much you’ll need to pay for boiler installation. For instance, a gas boiler tends to be more expensive to install than an electric boiler. Boiler costs may also depend on the brand and model you intend to buy.
  2. The size of the boiler:  the size of the boiler is another factor that affects the cost of installation. With a smaller unit, a single technician can complete the installation. A bigger unit will need a larger team and this will drive installation costs higher.
  3. Unique installation conditions: it is less expensive when you install a new gas boiler where a previous one was removed or install a new gas boiler in a convenient location where it can be easily connected to your existing plumbing.

Benefits of Installing a Gas Boiler

  • It keeps your house warm: installing a gas boiler will come in handy in the cold months of the year since it provides warmth to the house. A gas boiler also makes hot water available for bathing and washing and other purposes
  • It reduces cost: unlike the electric boiler, where you spend a lot maintaining and installing, you don’t need a lot of money to install a gas boiler. You also don’t spend a lot on energy costs due to its energy efficiency.
  • Extremely quiet: modern gas boilers are designed to operate quietly. Installing a gas boiler in your home will not affect your sleep or distract you when you’re at work.

Boiler Repair

Apart from gas boiler installation, we also offer boiler maintenance services. Like every of your other plumbing fixture, your boiler system may become faulty at some point. It is particularly susceptible to damage due to heavy use during the winter months when it has to operate continuously to keep your home warm. If you notice any problem with your gas boiler system, you should call for our services immediately. We are qualified and certified gas boiler experts that can provide boiler repair services when it is needed. Whether it is a minor fault or the unit requires extensive diagnoses and repair, MCS plumbing and heating is the company for the job.

Gas Maintenance Services

You can also schedule ongoing maintenance services with us. In this case, we will visit your location to check the condition of your boiler system and ensure that it is in the right state. This ensures that your unit runs optimally and delivers efficiently at all times. Having your unit checked regularly like this also ensures that damages are detected as quickly as possible before they become too expensive to fix.


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