Oil heating units or oil boilers make use of a supply of oil to generate heat for a property. They are efficient alternatives to gas boilers especially in remote areas where access to the main gas line is limited. There are different types and models of oil boilers available in a wide range of wattages and they can deliver different heating outputs. This can be in the form of an oil heating boiler or an oil combi boiler with internal water storage which can supply hot water for domestic use in addition to heating your home.



How does oil heating compare to gas boilers?

Oil boilers are known for being quite energy-efficient. They are just as durable as gas boiler systems and operate on similar principles. But in this case, the burner is oil-fired. The burner heats water and passes it along to the radiators and taps within the property. The only downside to this type of heating system is that they tend to emit higher Carbon dioxide into the environment compared to the gas-fired units. Their major advantage of oil heating over gas-powered units is that they do not require a connection to gas supply mains. You can store fuel near to your property and have the boiler topped up based on your needs.

How does an oil heating system work?

An oil heating system uses oil to heat up your home. typically, a standard oil heating unit consists of the different components which include the following

So how exactly does this work? When you turn your heating system on, the fuel pump pumps the oil into the combustion chamber where the high pressured oil is ignited. Older units use a pilot light for this but more modern models now have an electronic ignition system. The oil itself remains within this chamber but the heat generated as the fuel burns is transmitted through a circulator (usually water) or a heat exchange system.

Is oil heating efficient

A good quality oil-fired boil is quite an energy-efficient heat source for a property. There are several “A” rated models of oil boilers that you can go for. If you need help finding the right oil boiler for you, get in touch with our experts for recommendations of the best oil heating unit to get based on your specific needs.

Oil heating pros and cons

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